15 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas under $100

Finding the right gift for everyone on your Christmas list is not always easy, but keeping it practical helps a lot. Finding creative Christmas gift ideas without breaking the bank makes everybody happy. I’ve listed 15 ideas that should help you clue up your holiday shopping, and you may even decide that some of these items are a great way to treat yourself! You can find everything below on Amazon.com. If delivery options are limited outside the US, you can always check the Amazon online store for your country. For example, if you live in Canada, you may want to search Amazon Canada for the products below.

Check out these creative Christmas gift ideas for less than $100.00:

1. Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven makes a very practical gift of convenience for any pizza lover this holiday season. This pizza maker cooks fresh, frozen, regular, or rising crust pizza to perfection on a rotating tray that continually turns the pizza to assure even baking-top and bottom. It even includes instructions for cooking various pizzas.

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The Quirky Slice Pizza Cutter also deserves mention in a list of creative Christmas gift ideas.

2. Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote

This remote will replace up to 5 of your most commonly used remotes. It’s simple to set up and use, and supports 5000+ brands with a database that grows every day. The Harmony 650 has been reviewed as one of the best universal remotes you can buy for less than $100.

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3. PowerUp Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit

The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys making paper planes, this kit lets you convert your home made paper airplane into a free flight electric airplane. This can be fun and challenging for kids, geeks, adults and seniors. The PowerUp conversion kit can encourage experimentation and learning, and be a great outdoor activity.

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4. Logitech Washable Keyboard

A great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time their computer, this keyboard features durable keys with laser printing and UV coating, and is built to take a washing! It looks and functions great, and is easy to clean and dry with a hand-wash-safe design.

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5. Bonsai Trees

These are very hardy plants and make perfect creative Christmas gift ideas for those interested in caring for bonsai trees. These are easy to find and fall into a range of price categories, making it easy to find the bonsai tree gift you’re looking for.

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6. Roast Cutting Tongs

Transfer a roast from oven to the cutting board, secure it for easy carving, and cut it in even slices using the adjustable guides. These tongs also protect your fingers, keeping them safely away from sharp blades and make an ideal gift this Christmas.

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7. 3 in 1 Breakfast Station

Make toast, eggs and coffee with the one unit and save countertop space and energy! The 3-in-1 Breakfast Station Features a 15 minute timer control, indicator light, 4-cup capacity coffeemaker with a swing-out filter compartment and a six inch diameter frying griddle. This combined with a compact design and easy clean makes a handy gift for anyone who can benefit from its convenience.

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8. Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand

This creative Christmas gift idea is suitable for anyone on your list that enjoys spending time in the kitchen. The Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand includes a washable stand and magnetic-tipped stylus. Keep the touchscreen clean when your hands are messy while reading recipes from a tablet in the kitchen.

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9. Smartphone Docks

Smartphone docks can turn your phone into all kinds of neat devices and make creative Christmas gift ideas for just about anyone. They serve as a stand and a charger, and include the functionality an alarm clock, speaker, printer, radio and much more. You can find these in a wide variety of sellers and if you search on Amazon, you’ll find loads of options!

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10. Boogie Board

This ultra-thin tablet replaces a notepad and can be carried in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack. It’s durable, can be used almost anywhere, and can be erased with the touch of a button. This creative Christmas gift idea would be appropriate for anyone.

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11. Pelican Memory Card Case

This durable, water resistant case allows you to carry and protect 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards. Its insert liner absorbs shock and the case is made of tough Polycarbonate resin. This makes a creative Christmas gift idea for anyone who carries memory cards for photography or any other reason!

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12. Q Card Case

Q Card Cases are available for iPhone and Android devices. They fit credit cards plus cash in a protective case with a lay-flat Screen Guard design and natural throw buttons that enhance the organic connection with your smartphone. These cases combine the essentials of a wallet with the form factor of your smartphone. Brilliant!

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13. Jabra Drive Vehicle Bluetooth

Sync with your smartphone to this device while driving for hands-free communication. The Jabra Drive Bluetooth clips to your car’s visor so you can make calls safely while driving. It can be connected to two mobile devices connects automatically with your phone whenever you get in the car. If you know anyone whose car that does not have Bluetooth for smartphones, this is one of the most practical and creative Christmas gift ideas you could give.

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14. Portable Mobile Device Chargers

Portable mobile device chargers can get anyone out of a bind if they run out of battery power while on the move and without the time or convenience of plugging into a wall outlet. These devices come in a variety of styles and features and some can consolidate several connector types into one easy to carry charger. One great example of a portable charger is the RAVPower KnightRider.

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15. Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

Easily push heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood and trunk of your vehicle with the durable Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper. The reinforced foam head is non-abrasive and freeze resistant. The faceplate is recessed into the foam to prevent scratching, and the telescoping handle extends up to 49-IN for maximum reach. To make this an all-in-one tool, The Snow Joe Snow Broom also features an ice scraper. It’s Christmas, and that means winter, snow and ice. This gift idea will gets its fair share of use before the season is over!

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