Personal Finance Record-Keeping Made Easy

financial records

It used to be the case that keeping finance records was something that only business people and accountants had to do.  However, making sure you have your own finance records in good order is an important point for almost all of us to acknowledge today.

There are lots of different reasons for this, not least the record number of self employed individuals who operate in the UK today. However, tax self assessment forms for child benefit, various credit or loan applications and many other aspects of our day-to-day dealings now require us to have thorough and comprehensive finance records.


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Feasibility of Debt Consolidation in Today’s Market

debt consolidation

The financial spectrum throws up myriad choices or options. It is hard to discern or decipher the nuances or subtleties of each and every inference. The market movement pertaining to personal finance entails a wide variety of openings for those bogged down by debt. Loans give a natural succor in this regard. It bears no qualm about the fiscal ramifications or interpretations that it might give rise to. The gamut of debt consolidation is a ready affirmative in this regard. Pitching everything or every good you owe into one, single bill can ameliorate your path of getting out of the debt sword...

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7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Debt

Christmas Debt

The Christmas holiday season is upon us again. For many, the holiday debt from last year’s shopping has only just been repaid, if at all. We have seen the madness on the media of ordinary folk who have temporarily been transformed into frenzied shoppers, battling each other for that great deal. I would suggest that all this does not represent the true meaning and spirit of the season, but that is a topic for another day.

I would like to share 7 tips which may assist you in avoiding or at least reducing your holiday debt:


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15 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas under $100

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift for everyone on your Christmas list is not always easy, but keeping it practical helps a lot. Finding creative Christmas gift ideas without breaking the bank makes everybody happy. I’ve listed 15 ideas that should help you clue up your holiday shopping, and you may even decide that some of these items are a great way to treat yourself! You can find everything below on If delivery options are limited outside the US, you can always check the Amazon online store for your country. For example, if you live in Canada, you may want to search Amazon Canada for the ...

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Renting Your Basement – 6 Reasons You Should and 6 Factors to Consider

Renting a basement

Whether you are a new homeowner who has just joined the ranks of home ownership, or a baby boomer with many years in your current home, chances are that you have unused space in your home. And chances are that you could use some extra cash. This article provides renting advice for renting your basement.

Renting Your Basement – 6 Reasons Why You Should:

1. That unused space could be an open, empty basement in your new home that can be developed into an apartment...

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How to Handle Payday Loans by Avoiding the Demerits

Payday loan

Numerous people find payday loans advantageous enough. Easy accessibility is the actual reason behind this. You neither have to produce your credit report nor your bank details to get a payday loan. However, the actual picture isn’t that pretty at all. There are several disadvantages of payday loans that every consumer must know before taking out one.

The Demerits of Payday Loans that you Must Know

Go through the following demerits of payday loans to get an idea about the exact scenario:

1. The interest rate is considerably high: Payday loans come up with extremely high interest rate...

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Applying for Canada Pension Retirement Benefit: 7 Factors to Consider

Applying for Canada Pension

As a result of recent changes in the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) rules and regulations, a frequently asked question is “When should I apply for CPP benefits?” Is it at age 60? Or 65? Or 70? This article addresses 7 important factors that should be considered when applying for Canada Pension.

1.   Maximizing Benefits

In the past, many Canadians have chosen the earliest possible time when applying for Canada Pension, which was when they reached age 60. In doing so, the monthly benefit was reduced by a specific amount as compared to waiting until, say, age 65...

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5 Changes to CPP Retirement Benefits and How They Affect Canadians

changes to CPP

The Government of Canada has stated that the long term sustainability of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is threatened by increasing demands being placed upon it. Consequently, ongoing changes to CPP are being implemented in an effort to alleviate that concern. This article focuses on these changes and how they affect Canadians.

Maximum Pension Amount

The CPP provides a monthly retirement pension to contributors. In 2013, the maximum amount, when applying at age 65, is $1,012.00 per month ($12,144.00 per year).

What Changes to CPP are Being Made?

The following information, obtained from the Serv...

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