The ePassport: What are the Changes for Canadians?


In the rapidly evolving world of travel, continued emphasis is being placed on security. The ePassport introduced in 2013 brings changes to the passport program that will enhance the security of Canada’s international travel document. This article explores what these changes mean for Canadians.


On July 1, 2013, Passport Canada is introducing a new electronic passport or ePassport. According to the Passport Canada website, the Canadian ePassport looks like a regular passport, but has new security features that make the passport even more tamper‑proof:

  • An electronic chip embedded ...
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Canadian Passport: 5 Things You Should Know

Canadian Passport

More Canadians than ever before are traveling internationally. There have been many changes in recent years and travel conditions continue to change. This article offers some insight into things that you should know about the Canadian Passport and the important role that it plays in travel abroad.

1. Travel to the United States

The most popular travel destination for Canadians is our Southern neighbor, the United States. For decades, Canadians entering the US needed only two pieces of identification including one photo ID, most commonly a driver’s license...

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Travel Tours: Tour Package or Plan Your Own?

Travel tours

When planning vacations, many travellers are opting for cruises or all-inclusive resorts. Most cruise packages offer optional travel tours when in port. These vary in length from a couple of hours to several hours. Such travel tours are also available at resorts and provide opportunity to see nearby attractions or visit major centers. They are offered by tour operators with pre-arranged itineraries and fixed prices. However, you also have the option of planning your own travel tours...

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