Ways to Make Money from Your Property

If you have a good home and desire to earn money then there are several different ways to do it. Read on the article below and find some interesting ways to earn money from your house property:

Raise your property on rent

Raise a portion of your home on rent. If you have a big house and part of it lies unused then you can choose to rent it out. Place a placard outside your property saying “To-let” and welcome different investors. But before you finalize the deal make sure that you consider important facts as in background details of the tenant, rent agreement and cost.

Get the rent agreement signed and keep things transparent. Discuss important clauses to avoid confusion. Remember you need not to have a palatial house to earn money; just a spare room can help you earn good.

your property income

Offer it for homestays

If you are not comfortable with above option then you can offer your property for homestays. Many owners are not comfortable with long term lodger and look for tenants who wish to stay for short period. In such a situation homestays are the perfect option to consider. You can rent out part of your property for couple of days, a week or probably a month. The amount earned differs depending on the facilities you offer and the location where your property is located.

Rent it out for photo-shoot

If you have beautiful garden or exquisitely decked up home interiors, you can always offer it for photo-shoots. Many students and professionals look for such places where they can record documentaries or short movies. Renting out your place to such professionals may help you earn good amount for few hours or for couple of days shoot.

Take help of online media and post ads on different property sites. Online realty portals are perfect place to make such deals.

Set up an office

How about setting up your office at home? If you despise paying monthly rent for your office space then setting up office back home is the best option to consider. Convert a spare room in to new workplace. But before you actually start pursuing your profession make sure you comply with requisite legal norms and draw approvals from concerned authority of your area.

Ad agencies

Banners on your property premises is another best way to make some extra money as ad agencies shell good amount for such deals.

Resale at Higher price

You can earn manifold if you are planning to resell your property. But make sure to consider important points below:

• Current price of the property
• Market scenario
• Location of the property
• Age of construction
• Amenities and facilities incorporated
• Security checks

Don’t forget that investors will make necessary probes to determine whether information furnished by you is authentic or not and will accordingly agree to the price. Age of the construction is very important fact to consider. Probably all home buyers will be keen to know the quality of the house to avoid later regrets.

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Subhadra Bhadauria

Subhadra Bhadauria

Subhadra Bhadauria is an enthusiastic writer with prominent real estate site 99acres.com and apprises investors about ways to earn profits from real estate investment. With her career in mass communication and reporting she gained experience in real estate industry and consistently shares her views on the changing scenarios and upcoming projects.



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